1. Applications Background

Aluminum Ion Separation EquipmentSE-Alis used in anodic oxidation line. In the oxidation process of aluminum, aluminum ions dissolve in acid. The concentration of aluminum ions increases as the process goes on. Existing bath cannot be used when its concentration of aluminum ions exceeds limit based on quality control and power consumption standards. In this case, new bath should be replaced or fulfilled in order to keep concentration of aluminum ions in a regulated range.

Problems such as below cannot be avoid in this traditional operation:

  • Increase manual and bath cost;
  • Increase waste water and solution treatment cost;
  • Concentration of aluminum ions is unstable;
  • Power consumption rises when concentration of aluminum ions increases.

2. Product Introduction and Features

The development and application of chemical bath management device SE-Al solved the problems mentioned above.

SE-Al is supplementary to existing anodic oxidation line. It removes extra aluminum ions in the bath and makes the bath solution recycling possible. The concentration of aluminum ions is kept in a certain range, the oxidation product quality is improved, while sulfate acid and waste cost is cut down and power consumption is reduced (0.4 kw/h of electricity is directly saved per treatment area).

SE-Al is compact, convenient to control and automatically operates. With its excellent parts, the equipment guarantees long lifespan and ease of maintenance. It saves water and generates less waste water by 20%. Aluminum can be recycled with the discharge of aluminum ions from bath.

3. Principles and Process

SE-Al utilizes resin module technique to separate metal and non-metal ions. Metal ions are discharged while non-metal ions are brought back into the bath by purified water to be recycled. Valves of the system are controlled by program logic control unit, which is able to switch to different phases.

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