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DEs executive management, R&D and manufacturing are located just outside Ruhr Industrial Base in Germany.  Additional sales & services offices are strategically located in United Kingdom and Asia.

Our goal is simply to offer all our customers a flexible, dynamic customer-driven organisation that delivers the best expertise in acid finishing management, acid-metal separation and analytical methods.

At DE, our production, sales and service approach is geared to ensure we can engineer, deliver and install DE equipment in your facilities, wherever you are in the world, cost-efficiently - and provide on-going service and maintenance with a local presence.


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As we are constantly looking to improve our service, we attach great importance to your feedback. The purpose of this form is to enable us to properly respond to your request for additional information and your comments.

For many inquiries, we will not have the answer, but rather will route your inquiry to the subsidiary, affiliate or other company which we believe is most likely to be able to respond to your inquiry based on the content of the inquiry. In such instances, we will not retain a copy of your inquiry once we have forwarded it and you will receive your response directly from one of the companies.

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