DESIREE is dedicated to metal surface treatment industry, including technical development of relevant equipment and promotion of cutting-edge technology. We provide four categories of equipment, general water treatment, bath solution and precious metal recycling, bath solution diagnosis (automatic dosing included) and energy efficient devices (low-temperature drying, vacuum drying). We are featured by highly efficient modular system and guaranteed by delicate engineering and outstanding product quality.

With professional skills and rich experiences, DESIREE is able to satisfy diverse needs of clients. We will offer you the best solution to metal surface treatment with the highest proficiency and the most economic approach. .


With sustainable development in mind, the goal of DESIREE is to improve competitiveness of our clients.

We provide a complete system to manage metal surface treatment technique, including density analysis, automatic dosing, bath filter, recycle and drying, which can help our clients to raise efficiency, reduce costs and guarantee product quality.

Moreover, our service saves water resources and minimizes the threat of chemicals to the environment. We will always be concerned about the great cause of environment protection.

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