With years of surface treatment experience, DE has mastered the key techniques of the industry. Targeting at environment-friendly and high-standard requirement, DE has also developed products including low energy-consumption water treatment facility, water recycle facility, online bath recycle facility, online bath analyzing and smart management system, energy saving drying equipment, etc.. A breakthrough has also been made in drying field; our equipment can raise drying efficiency while cutting its cost.

DE fully understands the challenge of the critical industry environment and the importance of key device in the process. We are dedicated to help our clients to walk in the forefront of green electroplating and sustainable development. Self-request and the urge to innovate push us thriving towards a more environment-friendly, energy-saving and highly efficient future.

At DE, our commitment to the customer does not end with delivery; it only begins. Our goal is to remain an active partner and service provider long after commissioning, throughout our equipments¡¯ lifecycle.

We use the best parts structural materials to make sure of the longest work life with the lowest maintenance. Maintenance-friendly, modular designed systems are DE¡¯s hallmark. Our flexible modular design offers increased reliability and duplicity over competitive designs, while offering near limitless expandability. Future capacity needs are met simply by adding additional modules to the existing system, thereby preserving the initial capital investment.

DE offers a wide range of services and solutions to meet each individual need. Providing a comprehensive service plan helps our customers to save valuable manpower, resources and capital.

To discuss what service suits you the best, please contact the nearest DE service department today.

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